1.  Call for PDS Manuscripts:  Manuscripts for Volume 6 of Professional Development Schools Research Book Series are currently being accepted.  Volume 6 will focus on the ways in which PDSs are responding to current educational issues.

Manuscripts (formatted using APA style) should address areas of concern for researchers and practitioners, e.g.,

• student achievement;
• performance–based assessment for pre-service teachers (edTPA);
• teacher accountability;
• clinically rich practices;
• new insights/perspectives in PDSs;
• PDS evaluation

Series Editors:  Jo Anne Ferrara, Janice Nath, Irma Guadarrama, Ron Beebe

Submissions are due by September 1, 2015 and will be accepted as email attachments.
Send to:

2.  Office Special Election:  A special election was held for officer positions.
The results for the officers include:

Program Chair – Janna Dresden, University of Georgia (terms ends in 2016)
Secretary/Treasurer – Jennifer Suh, George Mason University (term ends in 2016)
Chair Elect – Susan L. Ogletree, Georgia State University (term ends in 2015)